The Year of Execution: 3 Things I’m Working Towards in 2016


It’s New Year’s Day, so like most people (or at least I’d like to think so) I’m spending a good amount of time self-assessing. I’m looking back at 2015 and all the wins, large or small, and also taking inventory of all the lesson learned and adjustments that need to be made in 2016. While I self-assess, I’m also creating a list of goals to accomplish. Things that will stretch me, force me to grow and expand my comfort zone. Truthfully, that’s just the top layer. If I’m being brutally honest about it, I know I can do better. Let me explain…

Like each and every other person on this planet, there’s an abundance of greatness in me. Over the past couple years, most notably since I became a family man, I’ve gotten away from myself a bit. I’ve smoothed over my edge, suppressed my creative self, and played it relatively safe to keep it 100. I’ve now arrived at a point where I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of not maxing out on life, not going all in, not giving 120%. No more pump faking. I’m calling this the year of execution.

So I’m writing this as a way of putting myself out there for accountability purposes. I need to start creating, shipping stuff, and taking more risks in general. Here’s a few things I will execute on in 2016:

Start podcasting

I’ve secretly always wanted to podcast. I’m an avid podcast listener. If you know me, then you know I keep a pair of headphones in my ears. As it stands, I don’t have any equipment and don’t really know all that I’ll need for what I’m going to do. I do, however, have a few really cool ideas that I excited about bringing to life. I’m clear on the what, not so much on the how, and looking forward to the process.

Mentoring program

I wouldn’t have the privelege of writing this write now if it wasn’t for the support and mentorship of some amazing people. I’ve always felt like I have a responsibility to pour into others like somebody poured into me. So it’s time for me to give back. I’m not exactly attached to how it looks but I’m going to start mentoring some young people. Whether it’s speaking to groups, volunteering my time to programs, or one-on-one with folks; I plan on sharing with and help those coming up behind me.

Travel to Africa

This one is on my bucket list, and there’s no coincidence that I’ve been presented with an opportunity to spend a couple of weeks in South Africa working on a social change initiative. There are still some things I need to take care of to make this a reality but what’s most important is that the opportunity has presented itself.

I plan on share much more about my pursuits as the process unfolds. Hopefully I can do some good and inspire a few people in the process. Stay tuned!

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