Would You Do It For The Love?

I’m writing this as I listen to “For The Love” by Fabolous on repeat. I can’t help but to see the connection between the message of this song and doing business, or more importantly, life.

Do what you’re passionate about.

So often, people struggle to find success in their business endeavors. They do a bunch Google searches, read books, blog posts, podcasts, and every other source of “useful” how-to content from said expert. Truthfully, don’t think the answer is really all that complex or hard to find at all.

I’m a firm believer that we already have all the tools we’ll ever need to be successful. The problem usually occurs when we take aim and focus our energy on a give activity.

Are you doing what you’re doing for the “right” reasons?

Are you really passionate about your audience or business?

Are you operating in your gift?!

If it isn’t you’re calling then you can forget about any type of longevity or real success.

Cause in this life things come and go like fads, and I’m not one who favors using words like had…

You can’t continuously lie to yourself. Your heart defines you; you either listen and win, or lie and lose. Your choice.

We all have our fair share of struggles, baggage, and burdens. But, doing something just because you’ll make bank isn’t going to be fulfilling.

Those who just follow green, they the first kind to go…

It’s not how you “win” life.

It’ll pay the bills, but you’ll be empty. Then, eventually fail.

Because your heart isn’t in it. You aren’t passionate about it. You aren’t operating in your gift.

If it’s not something you wouldn’t be doing for free, chances are it isn’t your true calling.

Everyone should be paid in exchange for their work/service, but it shouldn’t be the only thing.

So before you go questioning your struggles or why something isn’t working. If you’re questioning where you should do this or that, ask yourself if you would be doing it if the money didn’t matter.

Would you do it for the love?

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