The Ultimate Goal of Lead Generation


Lead Generation is a critical function of marketing and is the lifeblood of any business model.

I’m not going to be talking about “how” to generate leads so much as “why” it’s important and needs to be a point of focus in your business efforts.

We all heard the saying, “Always Be Closing” right?….

Well, you can’t close anything if you don’t have any leads.

When you see pictures and infographics of sales funnels, the very first thing you see at the top of the funnel is….. you guessed it, leads.

Leads are what gets things going in the sales process.

If you feed the funnel, good things will happen. (Tweet This!)

That being said, not all leads are created equal. Some leads are much better than others.

Think about your own wellness for a moment. When you eat unhealthy foods, your body suffers, inside and out.

However, if you eat healthy then you’ll look and feel better, inside and out.

Good in, good out. Bad in, bad out.

Same with leads. Low quality leads don’t convert very well, ultimately costing you a bunch of time and resources (a.k.a. money).

On the other hand, if you had high quality leads you can convert more leads with less. Most times, the high quality leads result in a higher ROI.

Sometimes the high quality leads cost more, but you’ll find that your business can do great with less of them because they have a better chance of turning into repeat buyers.

Ultimately, lead generation comes down to getting the largest number of high quality leads for the lowest amount of money.

That’s how you generate a sky-high ROI.

That’s how the first step to growing a profitable business.

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