10 Things Your Customers Want From Your Business

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Customers are important, very important. Your sole purpose of being in business should be to serve them. Not everyone gets this though. They think it (doing business) is about them more than it is about the customer. If your product, service or brand experience doesn’t appeal to your customers, and by appeal I mean solve… Read More

Why Positioning Matters

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Positioning is one of the most important aspects of building a thriving business. The more narrow and focused your scope, the stronger your business will be in the long run. In my opinion, it’s better to have a large piece of a smaller pie than to have a very small piece of a big pie. Let me… Read More

Would You Do It For The Love?

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I’m writing this as I listen to “For The Love” by Fabolous on repeat. I can’t help but to see the connection between the message of this song and doing business, or more importantly, life. Do what you’re passionate about. So often, people struggle to find success in their business endeavors. They do a bunch Google… Read More

Empowering Your Customers

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A brand without a community isn’t a business. A brand is a promise. The crystallization of a movement, a lifestyle, or a state of mind. That said, every brand has a responsibility to it’s community. To empower and inspire others to express themselves in an authentic way; one that speaks to the person they’ve always… Read More