The Simple 2-Step Marketing Strategy for Entrepreneurs


Most people I know either get nervous or flat out cringe when they hear the word “marketing.”

I get it…

Marketing can be sleazy and overly complicated.

It doesn’t have to be though. In fact, I prefer to keep it simple.

For me, any given marketing activity falls into one of two areas, catch game and keep game.

Don’t trip on the name. Stay with me…

When I talk about catch game, I’m referring to the ability to attract and acquire a customer. Lead generation and sales conversion are examples of catch game activities.

This strategy revolves heavily around educating your audience. Teaching them your best stuff. You want to position yourself as a trusted advisor.

Your catch game could include things like live workshops, referral programs, webinars, reports, or white papers.

Remember, attract and acquire.

Keep game on the other hand, refers to the ability to retain a customer for an extended period of time. Customer retention is the name of the game here.

The focus at this stage should be exceptional service and added value. Over-delivering goes a long way here.

Your keep game could include things like customer appreciation days, loyalty programs, memberships or special events.

Remember, retention is the key.

Thinking in terms of this “catch & keep” tandem will help keep your marketing strategy simple and effective.

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