Side Hustle Ideas For Aspiring Entrepreneurs


A side hustle is like an opinion, everybody has one these days. Or at least they should.

You already have the skills you need to earn extra money on the side.

If you’re not the bold entrepreneurial type and you want to build a bridge before you leave your job, then a side hustle is exactly what you need.

Or maybe you love your job but you want to supplement your income. Even if it’s just an extra $1,000 a month.

Having multiples streams of income is a beautiful thing.

At one point, I had more side hustles than hustle man.

Side hustles matter.

So I thought I’d help inspire you to start your own.

I complied a list different side hustle ideas for your convenience.

Side Hustle Ideas


An ebook is like the low hanging fruit of digital products, and just about the simplest side hustle idea for aspiring online entrepreneurs. You could write an ebook on just about anything and start making money online.

Start writing in whatever word processing app of your choice, just make sure you can save or export as a PDF. Then hire an editor to look it over and make adjustments. You can hire a graphic designer to give it some flair or head over to Fiverr and get a book cover design for the low.

Upload it to Coach or any other ecommerce platform of your choice and you’re in business.

Online Course

According to research, the market for online courses & learning will hit $107 billion in 2015. Yes, billion with a “B.”

Translation: There’s no better time to create an online course.

The playing field is wide open. Take a moment and look at online learning platforms like and Udemy, and you’ll notice very quickly that people of all skill and levels of expertise are creating online courses about just about everything imaginable.

You can host your online course on one of those platforms, you can DIY it with a self-hosted WordPress site using a plugin like Sensei or Zippy Courses, or use an all-in-one solution like Coach.

Membership Site

Membership sites are ideal for a number a reasons; recurring revenue, a thriving community of super fans, and low overhead. Thing is, it takes some hustle to retain current members.

You need to provide value early, often and continuously. Look at membership sites like Fizzle, who do a great job of this. There’s no need to get all fancy or even create all the content before you launch.

All you need is WordPress, a membership site plugin like Restrict Content Pro or Wishlist Member, a payment processor like Stripe and an email service like ConvertKit.

Create at least 20% of the content, launch, and build the rest of the content based off member feedback and requests.

WordPress Theme

Whether it’s a one off WordPress theme or an entire theme shop, this is a side hustle with a ton of potential. Sure it takes some coding and design chops to create a WordPress theme for distribution, however if I can do it, I know you can if you hustle hard enough.

Go download the Underscores theme starter kit here, then go check out this tutorial or this one, and you’ll be on your way to releasing your first WordPress theme.

If you want to learn how to code, I highly recommend Treehouse.

WordPress Plugin

Extensible WordPress plugins are the holy grail of the WordPress ecosystem for WordPress professionals. Think of plugins like Easy Digital Downloads, Ninja Forms and AffiliateWP.

If you love WordPress and want to build a business around it, creating your own WordPress plugin would be a fantastic ideas. You don’t necessarily have to be a coding ninja either. Take a few tutorials if you don’t already know how to code and get to building!

App Development (for iPhone or Android)

You have a better chance trying to baptize a cat than you do catching someone without a phone these days, especially millennials.

That means mobile is premier platform for just about anything that has to do with software. If you have the coding chop or are willing to develop some, you could create a lucrative app development business on the side.

There are three app models that immediately come to mind:

  1. Free – These apps make money through display ads. If your app becomes popular, this could generate a nice chunk of change for you.
  2. Freemium – These apps are free but have in-app purchases or upgrades available. So there’s a minimum viable app experience for free and a more complete or premium experience users need to pay for.
  3. Paid – This is pretty straightforward. Pay to play (or use). You may have a smaller audience but you’ll get a true sense of the demand and popularity of you’re app.

Kindle Publishing

Self-publishing is the new wave for writers, thought leaders and people who want to share ideas. It’s now easier than it’s ever been to publish your book projects.

Amazon’s massive platform gives creatives the option to self-publish on Kindle in a single day. If you love to write, you have the potential to generate whatever income you want.


I know I just said self-publishing is the new wave but podcasting is really the wave right now. With all the amazing tools and resources like Zencastr available, it’s possible to get your podcast to your audience for under $100.

Check out this thorough tutorial on how to start a podcast from Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome.


I love coaching. Consulting too. They don’t always scale well, but they’re great ways of generate income if you’re willing to teach others everything you know.

Web Design

There’s a huge market PSD to HTML templates, WordPress themes and freelance web design gigs. If you have design chops, sign up for Upwork, or you can post a status on your social networks to let folks know you’re accepting work.

If you don’t have the chops yet, check out websites like TutsPlus or Treehouse for detailed tutorials.


As long as there are people buying stuff, they’ll be a need for copywriters.

Listen, good copywriters are worth their weight in gold. If you have sales or persuasive writing skills, it may be a good idea to offer your copywriting services to business owners or create a copywriting course.

Virtual Assistant

The market for virtual assistants is huge. Folks like Chris Ducker have capitalized on this and created successful businesses around connecting entrepreneurs with virtual assistants.

If you’re task-oriented and good with details, you could make a nice chunk of change as a virtual assistants.

Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t want to put the work in to create your own digital product, that’s ok. You can make money on the side selling other people’s products.

Affiliate marketing is a legit side hustle.

Many of the big dogs in the online business space started out and still act as affiliates today.

Find someone selling a product and reach out to them. Offer to sell their product in exchange for a commission.

What’s Next?

I’m going to keep updating this list over time, so it might be a good idea to bookmark this post to refer back to later.

In the meantime, leave me a comment and let me know what side hustle idea you like most?

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