3 Simple Ways to Sell More Products and Services


The purpose of marketing is to make people buy or do something. A key aspect of the marketing process is the sale.

As marketers, your job is to get people’s attention and sell them something.

You do a bunch of research, take the time to build a relationship with your target audience, then make your sales pitch accordingly in hopes of making money.

It’s pretty straightforward in theory.

Execution is a different story.

There’s actually an art to selling but that’s not what this post is about. Instead, I want to talk to you about a few things you can do to make sure people buy what you offer. These are “cheat codes” that you can add to your marketing strategy to increase revenue.

It should go without saying that you need a great product or service, but these are a couple proven ways to sell more products and services.

The easiest way to encourage people to buy is to articulate a compelling reason to buy.

Limited Time Offers

Everyone is affected by time. As rich as he is, Bill Gates couldn’t even buy a second if he tried. So adding a limited time offer your marketing would be a great way to boost sales.

Let them know that the offer only lasts for the next 48 hours, you want them to feel like time is of the essence and they are getting a killer deal so they need to act now.

Remember, time waits for now man (or woman), so use that to your advantage.

Limited Supply Offers

Just like limited time offers, limited supply offers are great for getting customers to act fast. This might even be more powerful then a limited time offer because communicating a limited supply creates that supply and demand feel, as well as a sense of exclusivity.

Customers look at a product release with only 1000 items and jump on it because they will be a part of a select group individuals that owns the product. If you’re making your customers feel special then you’re winning.


Both limited time and limited supply offers work so well because they create a sense of urgency. It may even be psychological but limiting your product offering in these ways creates an emergency impulse to buy.

It’s like a covert way of saying “Buy Now or Forever Hold Your Peace”. As humans we all like deals so its embedded in us to respond to such offers.

What About You?

What are you doing to sell more products and services? Do you use limited time offers? Do you use limited supply offers? Are you adding a sense of urgency to your marketing messages?

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