How to Master Following Up (Even If You’re An Introvert)


I’m an introvert.

And for the longest time it felt like a handicap. Like I would never be able to get ahead in life because “networking” didn’t come naturally to me. I wasn’t a social butterfly, and people around others drained my energy most of the time.

That was until I found a simple framework that would make it easy to build relationships. A natural way for an anti-social introvert like me to follow up with people without feeling drained.

Let me unpack this a bit..

Following up is the achilles heel of networking and business development. It’s one of the fundamentals but not everyone is good at it.

It can be make or break to your business so getting it down to a science needs to be high on your list of priorities.

Following up does a few good things. It gives you top-of-mind awareness first and foremost. It also shows that you have a real interest in the relationship.

Even if you’re just doing so to check in or say thanks, following up is always a good move.

When following up remember to:

  • always express gratitude.
  • include an item of interest from your meeting or conversation, even a joke.
  • reaffirm the commitments made on both ends
  • be brief and to the point
  • always address the person by name
  • timeliness is key (12-24hrs after initial contact)

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