40 Tips to Increase Engagement (And Grow Your Audience)


Increase engagement with your audience and your business will grow.

It’s simple.

Everyone doing business, marketing a product or service needs to have an engagement strategy, especially if you have an online business.

Engagement is the name of the game. It’s what keeps businesses going for the long haul. I blog here about personal development and entrepreneurship. That’s because if you can increase engagement or effectively keeping your audience’s attention will grow your business exponentially.

Here are 40 quick tips that your can implement right now to increase engagement and improve your business:

  1. Become an expert in your niche
  2. Guest Post
  3. Conduct interviews and surveys
  4. Use charts and infographics
  5. Use video
  6. Answer all comments and emails
  7. Be unique
  8. Add incentives
  9. Ask questions
  10. Participate in conversations
  11. Blog daily
  12. Add share buttons to posts
  13. Start an email list
  14. Use bulleted lists
  15. Get mentioned by other bloggers
  16. Show social proof
  17. Be entertaining
  18. Start a podcast
  19. Be transparent
  20. Be polite
  21. Comment on other blogs
  22. Write a series post
  23. Be active on social networking sites
  24. Offer discounts
  25. Use widgets and plugins
  26. Tell stories
  27. Use limited supply offers
  28. Use autoresponders
  29. Create compelling content
  30. Write “how-to” posts
  31. Start a contest
  32. Be opinionated
  33. Use limited time offers
  34. Write an ebook
  35. Write product reviews
  36. Collaborate with other bloggers
  37. Use a call to action
  38. Add a sense of urgency
  39. Always be linking
  40. Promote others in your niche

What About You?

Are you using any of these tips? What are some things I didn’t mention that are effective?

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