Finding Your Northstar


The one question most people spend their entire lives trying to answer is, “What is my purpose?”

It’s a natural part of the human experience to ponder and seek out the meaning of life. We then get to choose if we’ll pursue and achieve. While I’m clear the answer will look different from person to person, I’m always most intrigued by the actual journey to finding the answer to the question.

Purpose must be fulfilled. It’s our primary reason for existence in life. Once you find your purpose and are operating in your purpose, I believe it’s your next priority to find your North ​Star. 

Think of purpose as the road we travel during this journey called life. Your ​N​orth​ ​Star is the GPS or guiding light. Following ​it will lead you to live your most fulfilling life possible.

It’s the one thing you need to focus all your energy on.​ It ​gives you a sense of direction. Showing you where you are going and exactly what you need to do to get there. Step by step, turn by turn.

How do you expect to get where you’re going without directions? Without a guide? Without cues? Yes, there’s always intuition to help guide you but your ​star will get you there efficiently, without fail.

All we have to do is follow ​it and keep moving towards it. Sure, there are other stars in the sky, but none of them stand out like ​this one. It’s the only one that matters.

In life, there are more things to focus on th​a​n we have attention for. That’s why it’s so important to keep your ​N​orth​ ​Star front and center.

As I’ve become more clear on my purpose, my ​N​orth​ ​Star has shined more brilliant​ly​. And with purpose fueling my life and making a way for me, ​it’s helping me avoid distractions and take advantage of opportunities I didn’t know existed.

It’s freeing me. Allowing me to save time because I no longer have to figure out what to do or what not to do by way of trial and error. 

Most importantly, I have a light. I’m able to keep moving forward and making progress during the darkest moments of my life. It’s made my life more fulfilling and meaningful. It has afforded me foresight and flexibility.

As long as I keep it front and center, there’s no way to get off track. I’m finally able to do my life’s work in the most fulfilling way possible.

Sure it won’t be easy​,​ but I know I’ll never be lost, and that sense of confidence is priceless. It’s empowering and it allows me to be a blessing to others along my journey.

Find your purpose then follow your ​N​orth​ ​Star. You’ll be rewarded with the most fulfilling life possible.

What’s the point if it ain’t about purpose​?​ Isn’t that what this whole thing called life is about?

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