Why Positioning Matters

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Positioning is one of the most important aspects of building a thriving business. The more narrow and focused your scope, the stronger your business will be in the long run. In my opinion, it’s better to have a large piece of a smaller pie than to have a very small piece of a big pie. Let me… Read More

Empowering Your Customers

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A brand without a community isn’t a business. A brand is a promise. The crystallization of a movement, a lifestyle, or a state of mind. That said, every brand has a responsibility to it’s community. To empower and inspire others to express themselves in an authentic way; one that speaks to the person they’ve always… Read More

The Importance of Building Mutual Relationships

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Let’s get one thing clear here before I go on any further, skills are paramount. As in very necessary. Skills aside though, the one thing that trumps everything else, the thing that weighs most heavily on one’s success in business (or life) is relationships. I’m a firm believer that who you know will get you… Read More

Are You Struggling to Grow Your Business?

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There are three types of businesses in any given industry; the leader, the average joes, and the benchwarmers. Look around in your space and you’ll see that it isn’t hard to see who’s who. (Which one are you?) There’s one important thing that separates highly successful businesses from those struggling to get recognized. PGAs No, I’m not… Read More