2 Ways to Build Trust with Your Audience

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I love quotes, a lot. (Check my IG for proof) Whenever I’m working on my craft or sharing my work, I think about one specific quote. One that I think all makers should keep in mind when creating and sharing our work. While Ben Franklin is talking about writing here, the point he makes applies… Read More

My Personal Recipe for Running A Successful Business

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There are four elements I believe are crucial to any successful endeavor. But for the sake of this conversation I’ll keep things in the context of running a successful business. The four elements are information, infrastructure income and impact. So let me unpack this idea little bit for you. 4 Elements of Running a Successful Business… Read More

How to Grow Your Audience (Without Spending Money)

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What would you do if you had to start all over from scratch? No money, no readers, no subscribers, nothing…. Sounds like your worst nightmare right? Check it out… I was recently floating around in an internet marketing forum, and came across a thread asked for advice for getting started in internet marketing with no… Read More

Podcasts I’m Listening to Right Now

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I’m an avid podcast listener. I have been for years now. For me, it’s like being a fly on the wall during an insightful conversation in the case of interview-style podcasts. Solo podcasts feel like intimate conversations with the host. I’m an introvert so this is right up my alley. I love listening to podcasts because… Read More

10 Short Sentences That Sum Me Up

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I write a lot here, mainly about personal development or some aspect of entrepreneurship. Underneath all of that, my prime objective is to create a real connection with you. If I’m going to do that, I get to create a space for transparency, openness and vulnerability. So I’ve decided to share 10 things that I… Read More

The 4 Stages of Brand Development

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Brand Development is a very important that gets overlooked at times, often times replaced with the marketing and sales processes. Whether they realize it or not, every entrepreneur and business owner is building a brand. It’s always best if the brand development process is intentional and not done on the fly. Not all brands are… Read More

The Project Mentality

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We often get caught up in a state of limitless limbo waiting for the perfect time to do something, or get complacent and just go through the motions instead of operating intentionally. But what if you adopted a different mindset, one that framed everything we do as a project? Things would get very interesting. Why?… Read More