5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing


Email marketing is a staple for smart marketers, especially in this mobile-first internet era.

And yes, social media has now taken center stage. But that doesn’t mean that email marketing is any less effective.

The numbers don’t lie.

If you’re going to use email marketing make sure you’re doing it right. Here are a few best practices for creating a highly responsive email list:

Targeted List Segmentation

Creating segmented lists is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Lists can be segmented in several ways; industry, geography, income, purchasing behavior, etc.

All your marketing messages should be targeted and cater to a specific audience. Your segmented lists should represent these different personas. By doing so, you’ll increase your chances of getting higher click through rates and conversions.

You may have more broad content that go out to all subscribers, that’s cool. But now let’s say you want to let your subscribers in Los Angeles know about a special event you’re hosting in the area. Having your segmented lists will help improve the impact and effectiveness of your campaign.

Provide Exclusive Content

Another key to successful email marketing is providing exclusive content to your subscribers.

Exclusive content is just the incentive prospects need to sign up and stay locked in. Providing subscribers with exclusive content makes them feel privileged.

They’ll understand that they’re getting insights and information that others aren’t, and that’ll make them feel special. Think about how you feel when someone tells you a secret, or when you get some G14 classified information.

Again, make sure content is different from the blog posts, podcasts, and other content you share with your broader audience. Make them feel special they’re sure to keep reading.

Attractive Subject Lines

We’re living in the information age. People come in contact with a barrage of messages on a daily basis. From work, friends, family, and marketers alike. It’s so bad that most people are numb to marketing messages, especially if you live in a big city like NYC like I do.

We also live in a cynical society. People see messages and think, “this is just another sleezy marketer trying to swindle me out of my money.”

Make sure your subject line is intriguing and colorful. Be sure to use a lot of action verbs. I’ve also found that asking a question is also very effective.

The last thing you want to do is be long-winded in your subject line. Get to the point.

In summation, make sure your subject line is clear, concise, compelling, and colorful.

Send Content Regularly

You should make it a point to email your subscribers early, often, and continuously. Doing so helps them get familiar with you and your content.

It also improves click through rates because they will be looking forward to your emails. It becomes routine, like clockwork for them.

Make sure you stay in front of subscribers and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

They can’t read what they don’t see.

Build a Custom Template

A customized template for your email marketing campaigns offers you another touchpoint to communicate your uniqueness to your customers. You want your emails to standout and accurately represent your brand.

Using generic templates tells readers you’re boring, bland, and don’t think they’re worth taking the time to create high quality content. Take the time to differentiate yourself.

I’ve never heard of anyone OVER branding.

Slap your logo on there, your tagline, and yourself or even a mascot if you have one. Whatever you do, make sure it.s authentic and cohesive with your brand.

What About You?

What are you doing to improve your email marketing?

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