21 Experiential Marketing Ideas for Brand Managers

Experiential Marketing is a practice that allows consumers to experience, sample, and/or test out a brand, product, or service in an attempt to create an emotional connection. The purpose of utilizing experiential marketing campaigns is to create an experience that allows consumers to engage and connect with your brand in a real-life, organic, and full-sensory way.

Some of the benefits of experiential marketing are increased brand awareness, enhanced customer loyalty, and more sales.

While it’s more common to see consumer-focused brands executing experiential campaigns, B2B companies can also engage in experiential activities for their clients. Again, the concept is built around creating an experience.

Experiential Marketing Ideas

Here are a few experiential marketing efforts that brand managers can use to create a memorable experience for their consumers.
1. Sponsorship Activations
2. In-Store Events
3. Mobile Tours
4. Sampling Events
5. Gift Suites
6. Wrapped Vehicles
7. Trade Shows
8. Festivals
9. Retail Pop-Up Stores
10. Interactive Pop-Up Stores
11. Pop-Up Environments
12. Live Events
13. Product Demonstrations
14. Interactive Advertising
15. Workshops
16. Parties
17. Open House
18. Public Stunts
19. Customized Property
20. Field Marketing
21. Flash Mob

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