2 Ways to Build Trust with Your Audience


I love quotes, a lot. (Check my IG for proof)

Whenever I’m working on my craft or sharing my work, I think about one specific quote. One that I think all makers should keep in mind when creating and sharing our work.

Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about. – Ben Franklin

While Ben Franklin is talking about writing here, the point he makes applies to everything.

I’ve had experiences on both sides, as a consultant and as a customer. I’ve found that there are two surefire to build trust with your audience and stand out from the competition.

Be Remarkable

Seth Godin wrote an entire book dedicated to being remarkable called Purple Cow. He described a Purple Cow as “anything phenomenal, counterintuitive, exciting . . . remarkable.”

Being remarkable means being refreshing and differentiating your product or service. Its about wowing people at hello and keeping them engaged over time. It’s about standing out, doing something nobody else does and doing it exceptionally well.

Being remarkable has everything to do with going the extra mile.

Be a Troubleshooter

The easiest way to build trust and create loyal customers is to become a troubleshooter. Being a troubleshooter means going out of your way to provide solutions to other people’s problems. be there to answer customer questions and solving their problems.

Troubleshooting can look a bunch of different ways. It may be a live chat feature on your website like Flywheel. You could create YouTube videos answering questions like Gary Vaynerchuk does. Pat Flynn answers one question on every episode of AskPat podcast. It’s as simple as answering people’s questions.

Being a troubleshooter is about helping people and making their lives easier.

If you can solve people’s problems on a consistent basis and position yourself as a trusted advisor, they’ll be loyal and tell the world about how great you are.

What About You?

What are you doing to make your sure your offerings are remarkable? How are you going about solving your audience’s problems?

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